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Our fantastic new school building has afforded us the opportunity to establish a library, GP Hall, P.E. Store, Kitchen, and our Aistear Village. We are also better able to embrace developments in IT, Special Education, drama, music, science and a wider variety of sporting and physical fitness initiatives

GP Hall
The school is delighted to have a large school hall which is used for many different school activities on a daily basis. It is extremely bright and attractive. There is also a large PE store off the GP hall for all the PE equipment.

Classes can avail of the GP hall for their weekly PE lessons if necessary. It is also used for numerous other activities: assembly, choir, school musical, drama shows, exhibitions, sports coaching etc. The school hall is also used by the school community during after school hours for meetings, presentations, school celebrations and other activities.

The school kitchen is located off the school hall. The kitchen is used to cater for all school celebrations and get-togethers e.g. Communion Party, PA Meetings, Graduation, Green Schools events etc. The kitchen is also occasionally used as a teaching resource to allow pupils the opportunity to experience cooking simple recipes. This is done with the support and guidance of teachers and support staff. Pupils have used some of the produce from our school organic garden to cook dishes in the kitchen.

All Weather Pitch
Our school is delighted to have exclusive access to our own All Weather Astro-Turf pitch which is located to the rear of the school. The Astro-Turf pitch is 35m long, has an excellent all-weather surface and is fully flood-lit for use in the evenings. The carpet on the pitch is from Germany and is of an extremely high quality standard. The Pitch was installed by the Board of Management from the money fundraised towards the new school development.

The pitch is used on a daily basis during break times and is regularly used during the school day for outdoor PE lessons.

It is also used by outside coaches who visit the school for coaching lessons at various times of the year in sports such as Gaelic football, Olympic Handball etc.

The pitch is also available for local clubs to rent in the evenings. Library

The English Curriculum is designed to offer children a language experience which integrates oral language, reading and writing. The English Curriculum notes that language is crucial in the learning process. Children learn about language, and they also learn through language.

The approach to reading presented in the English Curriculum is based on this integrated language experience. From the earliest years children should experience a print-rich environment in which they have ready access to books. As their reading abilities develop, children will learn to read for pleasure and information and also to learn to locate and use books for a variety of purposes.

We are fortunate in Scoil Mhuire to have a lovely library which is accessible for all children. We operate a Shared Reading Programme for all children from junior infants up to to 2nd Class. We also implement the Literacy Lift Off Programme in 1st & 2nd Classes and promote Peer Reading from 3rd to 6th Class. All of these initiatives and programmes utilise the library space and participation encourages and develops reading skills in children and progress is always evident in their reading ability afterwards.

Play Areas
Our school is on a 4 acre site and therefore there is a great sense of space surrounding our school. Pupils play in different areas of the yard during break times according to their age group. This is for safety reasons and to try to minimise accidents. Junior & Senior infants play in a specifically designated space. First to Sixth classes rotate the other designated spaces at break times off an agreed timetable - the basketball court, astro turf pitch, the football field and the 'runway' area as it is named!!

Skipping ropes, Hula-Hoops, soft balls, scoops & wheelies are all available to play with during break times and monitored by The Friendship Team and the teacher on supervision.

We have recently invested in yard decorations to enhance the playtime environment of the pupils. Decorations include hopscotch, snakes and ladders, alphabet snake, race track, basketball throw course and activity course.

Outdoor Classrooms
All classrooms have an external door with direct access to the Outside Classrooms. These spaces can be used for a variety of activities as decided by the class teachers. Rooms 1 & 2 share the first external teaching space while Rooms 3 & 4 share the second external teaching space. During the winter months both outdoor classrooms are fitted with bird tables.