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Green-Schools, known internationally as Eco-Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.

Unlike a once-off project, it is a long-term programme that introduces participants (students, teachers, parents and the wider community) to the concept of an environmental management system.

However, Green-Schools is far more than just an environmental management system. It fosters a strong sense of citizenship and leadership among participants that spreads far outside the school into the wider community. It also promotes a strong sense of teamwork among teachers, students and the wider community to reach a common high level goal. It flattens and democratises school management structures. It brings children into the decision-making process and makes them responsible for their decision and actions. In fact it could be best described as being 'more than the sum of its parts'.

The aim of Green-Schools is to increase students' and participant awareness of environmental issues through classroom studies and to transfer this knowledge into positive environmental action in the school and also in the wider community. Schools that have successfully completed all the elements of the programme are awarded the 'Green-Flag'. This award has now become a well-recognised Eco-Label. The award has to be renewed every two years.

Green-Schools (Eco-Schools) is an initiative of, and co-ordinated on an international level by, FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). Currently, the Programme is being implemented in over 50 countries around the world, involving over 40,000 schools, 11,000,000 students, 850,000 teachers and 5,700 local authorities.

Our First Flag - 2005
Theme: Litter & Waste
  • We use regular hand towels in all toilets.
  • We always double side photocopies and notes.
  • We always re-use scrap paper in the class rooms.
  • We have bins in every room.
  • We promote reusable lunch & drink containers.
  • We have a compost heap.
  • We use recycled containers in the garden.
  • We use recycled egg cartons to chit potatoes.
  • We make homemade decorations, cards, dress-up & Easter Bonnets from recycled materials.

Our Second Flag - 2007
Theme: Energy
  • Our school is Ireland's first energy efficient Passive House school building.
  • Our energy usage is monitored by the BEMS.
  • We have a wood pellet boiler.
  • We maintain heat at a low temperature setting.
  • We have a Heat Recovery Ventilation system.
  • We keep external doors closed to keep heat in.
  • All doors & windows are triple glazed.
  • We have all A-rated appliances & PV Panels.
  • Our lights are motion sensored & use ESL bulbs.

Our Third Flag - 2009
Theme: Water
  • We have Rainwater Harvesting for flushing.
  • We have self-closing taps throughout the school.
  • We have water butts for watering the garden.
  • We have a Water Officer on the Green Team.
  • Our dishwasher & washing machine are only used when they are full.
  • We have Water Awareness Action Days.
  • We constantly remind families about the importance of water Conservation in Green News
  • Our BEMS informs us of our school's water usage.

Our Fourth Flag - 2011
Theme: Travel
  • We promote WOW every week & also WOOF.
  • We encourage Park 'n Stride through Green News.
  • We conduct regular Travel Surveys in school.
  • We have a Travel Officer on the Green team.
  • We award the Golden Boot for efforts towards sustainable travel to school.
  • We take part in RSA safe travel initiatives.
  • We participate in the Bike to School Week.
  • We have cycle safety training in 3rd & 4th Class.
  • Hi-Viz jackets distributed to all pupils in school.

Our Fifth Flag - 2013
Theme: Biodiversity
  • Boidiversity Officer on the Green Team.
  • Whole School Biodiversity Action Days in Term 1.
  • Whole School Biodiversity Hunt in Term 3.
  • School Garden developed with Biodiversity in mind.
  • We observe birds around our school & village.
  • We study trees & flowers in their natural habitat.
  • We have bird feeders & insect hotels.
  • We have indoor gardens in our classrooms.
  • We have a school compost area.
  • We study ecological systems in SESE.

Our Sixth Flag - 2015
Theme: Global Citizenship
  • We are all Citizens on this earth equally.
  • We studied Human Rights issues & Children's Rights.
  • We have learned about Fairtrade & the importance of buying Fairtrade products.
  • We are more aware of buying local produce too.
  • We continue to monitor our Litter & Waste output.
  • We learned about Electronic Waste Disposal.
  • We had Action Days to celebrate other Nationalities, cultures & food from around the world.
  • We are participating in the EU Blue Star Programme.