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We Are Writers
As part of our ongoing effort to promote and develop children's literacy skills, confidence and pride in their writing, we decided to publish a book showcasing their wonderful work.

Each child was asked to write a poem, recipe, story or diary entry. The children developed their writing skills as they drafted, edited and published their pieces.

We set up a wonderful buddy system with the infants and senior classes, where a child from 5th or 6th helped an infant type their story on the Ipads. This was a very rewarding experience for the older children and the infants really enjoyed visiting the senior room, getting a big 'bualadh bos' from the older children and not forgetting the lovely stickers each senior child gave to their buddy.

We help a school competition, where each child was invited to design a cover for the book. 3rd class pupil, Muireann Reilly won the competition and her beautiful, colourful picture will grace the cover of our unique book.

'We Are Writers' was sold as part of our Scholastic Book Fair and we hope to have the books in over the next few weeks. The children were bursting with excitement to find their piece when the sample copy arrived on the post. We are sure that the book will take pride of place in many homes and will be treasured for years to come.